As well as running the Holiday Caravan Park, I have been involved in Holistic Therapies for a number of years treating people & animals. I have always been eager to learn different approaches assuring that i can offer my clients the best possible treatment available.

I first studied Healing in 1999 & undertook a 2 year Healer Training Program. As i developed my skills further I looked into different types of healing. This lead me to discover the Japanese Usui Reiki Healing method & Seichem from the Sudan. I studied further & have now become an accomplished Master/Teacher & Practitioner in all. I have now combined all types of healing into my treatment developing my own unique method of chair healing as well as absent & distant healing.

A few years ago my journey into holistic therapies took me into the world of Hypnotherapy, I have be taught by one of the UK’s leading edge International Hypnotherapist’s at the European Centre of Therapeutic Training where i completed a MSH qualification in Hypnosis & a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Combining Healing & Hypnotherapy together has enabled me to offer my clients the opportunity of trying complete deep relaxation techniques using your mind to relax your body. Does any of it work, it did for me. In 2004 Hypnotherapy helped me change my eating habits & loose weight, I lost 6 stone in a year & have kept the weight off. Will it work for you, it will if you really want it to, trust & let’s see what happens.


General Secretary of The Healers International Network

Holistic Therapy Room